Young American Couples Are Increasingly Saying “No” to Having Children

We now live in a dystopian society

Glen Hendrix
5 min readJun 18, 2022


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Some Republican congressmen are thinking of curtailing Social Security and Medicare, maybe even privatizing it. This is despite the fact retirees are more dependent on this meager assistance in their old age than ever before.

Why would our elected representatives want to do that? Because they don’t work for me or you. They work for the corporations that give them the big bucks to stay in office — campaign financing. They want to cut your SS and Medicare to give their wealthy “clients” bigger tax breaks.

Your elected officials know what’s coming down the pipe. They see it happening in Japan. The population is aging. There aren’t enough young people to fill gaps in an aging, trained, and knowledgable work force that is retiring or becoming too ill to work.

In the U.S. it will be much worse. Why? Because corporations have bought legislation along with that campaign financing. They use that legislation to skim billions off the top in the form of monopolies, lack of control on price caps, anti-union laws, and a million other ways to get to your pocket book and keep you in line as a good little employee making as little as possible. They’ve been doing it since the Reagan era as shown by this eye-opening Rand Corporation study.

They want to cut “entitlement” programs now so they don’t have to worry about bleeding heart liberals raising taxes to pay for them later.

They have squelched environmental controls and energy regulations, causing runaway climate change.

They have put in place a police state to protect their property. They don’t care that it has morphed into a self-aggrandizing monster that incarcerates more people than any other country on Earth. They just turned it into an industry to make profit. They don’t care that police forces aren’t screening for racists and sociopathic sadists. They don’t care that police unions insist police officers lives are more important than public safety and welfare.

Who wants to bring a kid into this type of environment unless you’re Catholic and are ordered, pressured, and cajoled to have kids so the Church can bring in more tithes.



Glen Hendrix

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