What Will Happen if Imminent Civilization Collapse Becomes Common Knowledge?

This is not a listicle but … yes, there is a list … just saying

Glen Hendrix


Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

Gone are the days of civilizations collapsing. Barring the small chance of nuclear holocaust, we are insulated from conquest by our standing armies and sophisticated weapons of war. We are protected from the ravages of scarcity by our advanced technology and the innovations capitalism produces. Biofuel and hydrogen will replace oil. All electricity will be solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tide, and nuclear. Water will be distilled from the oceans by energy too cheap to meter. Any resource that becomes scarce, a technical work-around or substitute will be found. EVs will save the world.

Bullshit. All of the above is more or less bullshit, more more than less, and you can take that to the methane generator.

It is typical of a lot of information you find on the internet. Kernels of truth here and there but overall misleading and ignoring the big picture. It pays to be discerning if your researching information. Organizations dedicated to just news are less likely to give you such disinformation. Confirm information with multiple corroborations and research who wrote and published it.