We Have the Most Ignorant, Selfish, Immoral Leadership in History

The times we live in provide them that opportunity

Glen Hendrix


Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

Yes, Biden is an idiot. Yes, Trump is a dangerous idiot.

You could point out individual leaders from the past that were worse. Most of them would be sociopaths that ended up directly or indirectly killing millions of people. Trump wasn’t quite that bad, but he’d like another go at it.

Currently we have a situation where it is becoming more and more obvious the world cannot support 8 billion people. This problem is in addition to the worsening climate change which has now become inevitable due to the worst leadership in history. Our current leaders in America and the rest of the world are doing zilch about it.

Do you honestly believe American presidents of the last four decades did not know what fossil fuels were doing to the atmosphere despite having the most comprehensive and powerful intelligence gathering agencies on the planet at their disposal? Or that aquifers were being sucked dry at a rate that was not replenishable? Or that oil really was peaking, and its scarcity or expense would endanger the production of exotic plastics, specialty lubricants, and the fertilizer that enables our world to keep 8 billion souls living simultaneously on the planet? Were these agencies…