We Are a Doomed Species — It’s in Our DNA

Admit it. We are all a little greedy. Some more than others.

Glen Hendrix
6 min readSep 10


Photo by Braňo on Unsplash

Like every other species on the planet, our genetics are the product of multiple decision tree branches displaying the successful continuation and increase of life. These successful gambits involve acquiring nutrients, finding a livable environment, and propagation. For modern humans that typically means a job for buying food and shelter, sex, and kids. Ad infinitum.

Sometimes acquiring those nutrients and a livable environment means breaking a few rules and being a little self-centered and…well, greedy.

Selfishness is built into our species DNA.

Genetics and natural selection does not give a free ride to capitalism. Unrestrained capitalism is a dismal failure. Particularly here in the United States where the cost of health problems and natural disasters can leave people like you and me out on the street. Beyond the borders of the U.S., multinational corporations are culpable for much of our current predicament.

Nor should DNA excuse the aberrant behavior of the ultra wealthy in cultivating a planet-wide culture of individualism, greed, and materialism.

It is, however, an explanation.

Because we don’t rely on strength and physical prowess anymore, Darwin’s survival of the fittest has morphed into modern man’s survival of the smartest with a smattering of sociopathy and a big ole helping of greed.

What should have been a guiding light has grown dim. Religion is a pitiable restraint to the 1%. It has been carjacked by the wealthy and converted to a mouthpiece of propaganda promoting materialism and authoritarianism to the proletariat. Jesus is no longer riding shotgun. He is tied up in the trunk. Profit is the new god driving a Bentley.

The truth is if we had that kind of money we would probably be up there rolling in that pit of greed and acquisition (and damn the planet) with the rest of them.

Maybe you’re better than that. I hope I would be. We might not be as bad, but chances are neither one of us would be the paragon of virtue showing the ultra wealthy how it’s done. We are alive today because our ancestors’ genes expressed…



Glen Hendrix

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