Greed Is Bad

No matter what corporate America tells you

Glen Hendrix


Photo by fikry anshor on Unsplash

The human spirit in America is bereft. Our social morality and spiritual balance is in tatters. We have monetized everything in society. Every aspect of our lives has been economically evaluated.

Since before the Civil War, America has been at the forefront of breaking down humanity into tabulated quanta for pricing. Even babies were determined to be worth $45 per pound in 1910 (their future profit potential over a lifetime). Babies are worth more now than then, but the fact I’m talking about it means things are as bad as they ever were. Actually, except for the overt slavery, much worse.

“Greed is good.” “The more you have the happier you will be.” The propaganda of the wealthy has been getting exponentially louder and more brazen. They have repeated it so often even people with normal intelligence and better sense are believing it.

This corporate philosophy of life has been institutionalized. It is the unspoken basis of society now. It is the background music of our lives. We are not a civilization characterized by engineers, scientists, and philosophers anymore. We are a civilization characterized by arrogant, rapacious business people — CEOs. The term “CEOs” could just as easily be replaced by “pirates.” They may dress nice and be polite to your face but do not turn your back on them.

To the 60% of Americans that cannot come up with a $1000 cash in an emergency, this creed of greed and worship of wealth creates a shame and bitterness, a festering resentment against those they perceive are better off. They detest the economic system they are trapped in because no matter how hard they work they cannot get ahead. This has resulted in higher levels of alcoholism, drug use, and violent crime.

Like rats trapped in a cruel social experiment, many Americans are being warped by a brutal, unregulated capitalist system that has spiraled out of control.

Even those achieving a modicum of success can find their nest eggs wiped out by medical costs or eaten into oblivion by rising rents and inflation.

It has weakened the minds and morals of our elected leaders who opt for money and power over their sworn duty. Instead of protecting the general population, they are…