End Times Reflection — Who Are We?

Break all mirrors

Glen Hendrix


Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It is becoming quite clear that the human race has made several grievous errors recently that we will pay for dearly and may not recover from for a very long time, if ever.

Capitalism, a remarkable societal invention promoting innovation, has turned into a tool for wealthy tools to take over the globe, turn it upside down, and collect all the money that falls out of everyone’s pocket. In the unrestrained form it has taken, it is responsible for inequality and the plundering of the planet.

Capitalism is a dead end, much like the idea of giant tribes carving up the planet along imaginary, sometimes arbitrary, boundaries and doing battle with each other using weapons befitting giants that can kill thousands — no — millions with one blow. Nationalism may have been useful a century or so ago but is now an impediment to solving problems affecting the entire planet.

Oil was an energy bonanza for the ages. We spent it like drunken sailors before going on a suicide voyage. When we realized we were actually on that cruise, we kept on sailing.

We will keep frantically pushing those buttons at the oil ATM, even when the account is empty, not noticing the wave of famine and disease rising up behind us over the lack of oil.

We thought sustainability was for the other guy, not us. Surely not us.

We have trouble with math such as exponential growth and concepts like equable sharing.

It is egomaniacal to think we are better, different, than the animals with all of our languages, religions, and intricacies of thought.

They have simpler languages, but even an idiotic human can differentiate the sounds of pleasure or pain from an animal. We don’t really know about their emotional life. They could very well be more varied and nuanced than we can imagine.

Animals will fight to the death for their young.

Many are companionable to others of their kind and different species.

Some are loyal and affectionate to humans. If you don’t love your dog you should seek counsel.

Intelligence is a spectrum. It ranges from the sublime in a few humans to the genetic in…