Einstein, in 1949, Predicted How and Why Society Would Go Sideways

Unfortunate that he didn’t run for President. Way too smart. And born in Germany.

Glen Hendrix


Photo by Taton Moïse on Unsplash

We live in a world where everything is owned by a relatively small group of individuals. In the process of accumulating all that stuff they ruined the environment and wantonly depleted planetary resources for future generations. They have left us a precarious future full of famine, drought, and unrelenting heat with just the whiff of an extinction event.

Are these people insane?

The average IQ of a person worth over ten billion dollars is 151. So they are very smart. That does not make them psychopaths, but if you asked them point blank they would suggest you use the term “socio-diverse.”

This is the very trait that allows them to manipulate media to their advantage by turning it into propaganda. The fact that they own the media doesn’t hurt either. But some things they say lend credence to their being “socio-diverse.” Here is the response to Bernie Sanders saying that inequality should be addressed by the government, and that he didn’t think billionaires should exist.

Steven Schwarzman, the billionaire CEO of Blackstone Group, replied to this [at a book promotion for his tome on how you too can be excellent], “Maybe Bernie Sanders shouldn’t exist.” Steven should not play poker. That is a big tell. Sociopathy should probably be added to the narcissism obvious from his book’s subject matter. Others of the billionaire class were incensed, outraged, and made similar noises over Bernie’s suggestion.

Billionaires may not be the only ones to have a problem with trying to work out solutions to inequality, not to mention disregarding the safety and well being of the human race.

The Einstein Connection

Back in the 1940s Albert Einstein, a theoretical physicist and one of the greatest scientists of all time, was discussing with a gentleman the existential dilemma of the human race upon the event of another world war and how horrific that would be. Einstein described the man as intelligent and “well-disposed.” One could assume that means the man was pleasant, maybe even jovial. The man came back at Einstein with…