Down Is Up and Wrong Is Right — Your Brain on Propaganda

Why Trump can be accused, tried, and convicted of any crime with no dent in his loyal voter base

Glen Hendrix


From the “Your brain on drugs” anti-drug campaign — courtesy Wikipedia

What I am going to describe is the power of propaganda. Also known as brainwashing, it inundates us daily. Here is evidence that people with the means can sway, at the least, a significant portion of the general population’s thought processes.

I hear it all the time being said that the more trouble Trump gets into, the more loyal and devoted his voter base. The article or essay stops right there, giving no explanation. That’s illogical. That is calling over 20 million Americans inherently immoral. These aren’t, for the most part (unlike their hero), thugs or criminals.

Through talk radio, social media, newspaper, and TV, Trump and his propaganda machine fostered the idea of a deep state, one that has the power to make any and all false accusations against Trump to ruin his political career.

But the idea for a “deep state” began way back with Kennedy’s assassination, the Vietnam War, 9/11 and so on involving the government, certain high ranking officials, and the CIA. Trump built on this, augmenting the rumors into a stark reality that enthralled and convinced his followers.