Civilization Is Falling at an Inopportune Time

Well … uh … what’s a good time for you?

Glen Hendrix


Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

I’m waxing a bit nostalgic for the time when I was ignorant about exponential growth and the demise of the oil age. It was a relatively blissful existence.

Eight billion people will be at risk when civilization falls apart. It will be the largest human tragedy ever. And, yes, ‘inopportune’ is understatement to the point of silliness.

The end of oil within the next few decades, however, does make it more poignant. As oil reserves diminish and the many products made from oil get too expensive or become unavailable, there will be no diesel to bring in crops, transport goods, or mine ore. There will be no petroleum stocks for pharmaceuticals. No aviation fuel for airlines. There will be famine and pestilence beyond biblical.

There is no concern, panic, alarm, planning, intervention, or even discussion on the subject.

No one is doing much about it.

It will happen on the cusp of a truly science fiction world.

In 1945, knowledge was doubling every twenty-five years. As of 2020, it was doubling every twelve hours. This mind-blowing accumulation of information is beyond the ability of mere humans to deal with. Fortunately, AI is coming to the rescue with…