Capitalism May Not Survive Long COVID

Odd that many people haven’t even heard of it

Glen Hendrix


Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

How we got here

A timeline of the total ineptitude of Donald Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans is here. He literally threw Obama’s well-funded, well thought out pandemic playbook in the trash to wing it. Enough about Trump.

Two hundred thirty-one million Americans, possibly more, infected with COVID-19.

Donald Trump, although the largest factor, was not the only culprit in the early spread of COVID-19 in the United States. The CDC told people not to wear masks in the beginning. This was actually to save the available masks for health care workers, but it backfired. The impression the general public got was that masks weren’t effective.

Long COVID may represent a significant downturn in the world population and economy.

When Biden tried to get big companies to require mandatory vaccination, a conservative laden Supreme Court blocked it in January of 2022. It had been Mitch McConnell’s dream to have a Republican Supreme Court. He finally got it, and it’s doing its best to take down America. Eighty nine million Americans would have been protected from getting or spreading the disease. The Supreme Court took the power from OSHA and the President to use the most effective tool we have to stop COVID-19.

Another problem was vaccine makers, along with wealthy governments, refusing to subsidize vaccination for those portions of the world that could not afford it. This caused a petri dish effect, producing many variants in different corners of the globe, some of them winding up in America. Capitalism 0, COVID-19 1,077,000 and counting.

What happens now

So let’s do the math. In February of 2022, nearly 60% of Americans had been infected with COVID-19. This was calculated through blood tests secured from labs across the country so it is less politicized than the official tracker. It is now December, so we can conservatively estimate a 70% infection rate.

The COVID-19 tracker shows less than half the people that have actually been infected. Big discrepancy. The popularity of home…