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“What a pile of crap,” said Sidney and everybody laughed.

“There you have it; it’s out in the open. We’re conniving little spies for my father. You know, he doesn’t even pay us for this. We just do it because he asks us to,” said David.

“Speak for yourself,” said…

Image courtesy Kts / Dreamstime

“Undertow, Maria! Brace yourself!” yelled Vince over the roar of the surf.

The wave was going out when they reach the girl. Each grabbed an arm, dragging the girl back to the beach. They were both in good shape but struggled to keep the girl’s head above water through the…

Image courtesy Kts / Dreamstime

The last of their stuff arrived from California. The final leg of the journey was by electric truck, an eighteen-mile trek from Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International. Lord Greystoke inspected boxes as the deliveryman put them on the living room floor and left.

“One of these days this kind of…

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“Calm down! No! No bomb. I’m so sorry. It’s my fault … that glitch … but they came in so fast I couldn’t think of anything else to do but escape through the teleporter. I tested it hundreds of times with rabbits and myself. What I didn’t realize was the…

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Vince topped the hill on his bike, and the house came into view. A van parked a hundred yards from the house pulled away as he neared. It looked like one seen on several occasions when leaving school.

“Mom, did we get deliveries today?” …

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Before negotiations got into their final stage, Nancy ushered Vince off to bed. Disappointed, he slumped off to the stairs, grabbed Lord Greystoke as consolation and scratched him behind the ear in a successful gambit for a purr. Besides, the cat seemed skittish around Beasener.

As a kitten it was…

Image courtesy Kts / Dreamstime

It’s like taking medicine, Vince thought, the longer you put it off, the worse things get.

He opened the door with reluctance.

Sunbeams cleared the tops of the Verdugo Mountains and made their way through skylights between the solar panels. They spotlighted stray dust motes and disowned cat hair as…

Image courtesy Kts / Dreamstime

Vince’s index finger and thumb closed on a sheet of smart paper containing his calculus book. A slot on his backpack slurped it up as Bert approached, splayed sandals slapping industrial linoleum with lazy aggression. Locker doors slammed as other students pretended to be in a hurry to get somewhere.

Glen Hendrix

Artist, writer, poet, inventor, entrepreneur

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