Aids admit he’s not been taking his Prevagen lately.

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In a senior moment Mitch McConnell told corporations to stay out of politics, referring to several corporations protesting Republican-initiated Georgia laws making it harder for minorities to vote. The laws have been criticized by the likes of Coca Cola, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines. MLB is moving the all-star game from Georgia to Colorado.

Apparently Mitch forgot about the $66,000,000 (379 times his annual salary) he’s raised in the current election cycle, mostly from corporations. That $174,000 salary is paid for by the American people, the people he’s supposed to be working for. But who is a good Republican going…

If so, it’s not a pretty sight.

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Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas has recently pointed out in a tweet that previous Democratic presidents have been opposed to more immigration, but Biden “has instead emphasized the humane treatment of immigrants, regardless of their legal status.”

Senator Cornyn may have accidentally let slip the Republican’s real attitudes toward immigrants. And I believe that attitude extends to all those lower class beings — the poor, the non-white, the non-Christian. If we are not to treat these people humanely, obviously his intention would be to treat them inhumanely. …

It had some help.

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When I was a kid we played cowboys and Indians. The cowboys always won. Later, in school, I noticed many of my male friends wore cowboy boots and hats. Even though it was Waco, Texas, I thought they were going through some phase like my Davy Crockett coonskin cap when I was five. I was wrong. This turned out to be a permanent affectation they would carry the rest of their lives despite the fact the closest they came to horses and cows was watching Ponderosa and Gun Smoke on TV. I’m proud to say at least I gave up…

It can’t be addressed without them.

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The big turning point in Bernie Sanders bid for the Democratic presidential candidacy was when Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina endorsed Joe Biden. As the most distinguished Black member of the House, his endorsement carried a lot of weight with Black voters. Bernie Sanders’ loss to Joe Biden in the race for a Democratic presidential candidate came down to a lack of faith by Black voters that he could win against Trump, which was their major concern. …

Full disclosure — tips plus rants.

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The corporate state of America constantly intimates and would like you to believe that you are what you’re worth. Your value is a direct corollary of your bank account balance or stock holdings. They go on to specify that if you’re not worth all that much, you can make up for it by using the money you do have to buy their stuff, providing you an illusion of worth. …

And it won’t be fossil fuels.

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Fossil fuel companies are scared to death renewables will make them irrelevant yet they continue with business as usual, modifying their behavior just enough to get by with layoffs, cutting back on exploration, and emphasizing natural gas as the transition fuel. Their day is gone, having been a mere blip on the timeline of civilization.

The need for energy marches on. The future is hazy about ways to make money on the energy horizon. Yes, there will be solar panels by the millions, but they only have a life span of 25 to 30 years and are notoriously hard to…

Without change this will not end well.

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I was on my daily two-mile walk per the instructions of my cardiologist, but it’s really a pretty good habit to get into. It’s good for the ticker and a useful indicator for changes in ones health. I am a vintage Caucasian and live in a predominantly white, middle class neighborhood transitioning to an upscale neighborhood. Four hundred thousand dollar houses are being torn down to build nine hundred thousand dollar homes. That sort of thing. I live in the former I picked up for much less than four hundred grand back in ’93. …

They make airborne the same toxin that is killing salmon in the Northwest.

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Although I’m sure it has turned out badly at some point somewhere, I’m not talking about the bright orange-wrapped maniac in the middle of the road looking vaguely like the Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics waving a leaf blower barrel as if he’s a symphony conductor and just daring you to run him down. This is just a minor irritation, not a public hazard.

If it hasn’t rained in a while, the road is covered with dust of dubious and various lineage. It comes from oil and grease dripping from cars and carrying metals, salt for deicing, car exhaust carrying…

It is a blatantly subtle disinformation machine.

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By now anyone that hasn’t ingested what nearly half of the nation obviously has to make them … less analytical, knows that Fox News broadcasts a dizzying array of right wing propaganda. A panoply of radio networks has been plying the airwaves with similar sludge for even longer with a decade head start. Anyone that has been exposed to this toxic quagmire of unreason without being infected should be given the Medal of Freedom instead of one of its most efficient super-spreaders, Rush Limbaugh. Now they’ve latched on to yet another method, much sneakier than television or radio.

You’ve read…

Wealth inequality has been involved in every collapse for the last 5,000 years.

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It’s very easy to point at billionaires and say, “There! There is the cause of our pain, suffering, and poverty; our lack of a sweet ride, a swank crib, and steak instead of beans for supper.” It’s also hard to really prove that’s the case, and so it comes off as kind of whiny and sour grapes-ish because of that. Maybe that’s why Occupy Wall Street sort of petered out.

But in the back of your mind is that feeling, that gut-induced intuition telling you it makes sense. If that gut feeling comes from having missed a meal or two…

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