It beats stamp collecting.

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Yes, he made billions off the backs of lowly paid workers. Yes, he took advantage of 40 years of neoliberal wackoism so he didn’t have to pay taxes; could bust unions; pay workers an unlivable salary; and bribe members of Congress to get monopolies, said tax cuts, and just about anything else he wanted in the way of legislation. Yes, his wife of 25 years divorced him because he was having an affair with a hot helicopter pilot. Yes, he’s being a bit of a dickhead by spending a billion dollars a year on his space hobby while millions suffer…

Yes, there is definitely a connection.

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Not to diminish the lives lost, the families torn apart, the lives cut short by exposure to post-collapse toxic debris; but this horrifically evil terror attack eventually cost the U.S. nearly ten trillion dollars. The direct damage was two trillion dollars. Wars of retribution cost us another six trillion dollars. Market losses were about 1.4 trillion dollars.

That does not account for the continuing inefficiencies in travel and transportation of goods due to security measures still in place from that godawful event that suck up time and money continuously now and forever and ever…

America must deal with its corporate “culture.”

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If the U.S. does not get on board with doing something about climate change, the coming water shortages, and other problems there could be serious world wide repercussions. The U.S. could eventually face an embargo of consumer and industrial goods, limitations on travel by Americans, and negations of military agreements allowing bases around the globe if it does not come around to the world view.

As it becomes more obvious that the U.S. is a corporatocracy preoccupied with bottom lines from quarter to quarter without regard for the future, the rest of the world will become aligned against us. …

About that pesky inequality thing …

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Jamelle Brown cleans hospital emergency rooms at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s a facility owned by corporate behemoth HCA Healthcare. For hard and dangerous work Jamelle makes $13.77 per hour. He must share an apartment with his sister because he can’t afford his own. He’s worked there four years and has not had a raise in two.

Jamelle came down with COVID19 on the job. It was not a severe case, and he returned to work after quarantine. The company made him Employee of the Month and gave him a voucher for the company cafeteria. …

It was a big mistake for the development of America’s missile defense and space programs.

Goddard at Clark University in 1924 via Wikimedia Commons

It is an ironic consistency of society in general and a stinging commentary on American society in particular. The lone genius pursuing his worthy idea belabored as a fool by his contemporaries. Especially if the idea is esoteric and not making any money. A man before his time, Robert Hutchings Goddard was building rockets when the preferred mode of transportation was a horse and trains were steam powered. He dreamed of going into space when Wernher von Braun wasn’t even a twinkle in Magnus von Braun’s (his father’s) eye.

H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds had been out two years…

This is re-fried crap.

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Why are we suddenly worrying about where COVID came from yet again? Even though the World Health Organization / Chinese investigation gives short shrift to the lab escape scenario, there are caveats. WHO points out China was less than transparent with regards to their part of the investigation. China blatantly lied about the wet market being the source. They covered up the fact that several Wuhan lab workers fell very ill before the official first victims were reported in December of 2019. China also disappeared reporters and scientists trying to post what was going on in Wuhan.

At a Senate…

They’ll get my car when they pry my cold, dead fingers off . . . .

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I love my car. It symbolizes freedom. I can get in and go right now. No waiting on a taxi, Uber, Lyft, bus, train, plane. Get out of a situation. Meet someone. Start over. See other places. This adulation of the car is not 100%. If we polled millions of teenage boys, their desire to take out a high school sweetheart in their own car would cause them to cast a favorable vote for its existence. If we were able to poll the billions of dead frogs on streets after a rainstorm, they might croak a less positive result.


Has Ted Cruz really stepped in it this time?

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In an April 28, Wall Street Journal column Senator Ted Cruz excoriates the CEOs of large corporations complaining about new voter laws in Georgia. He is so upset that he is no longer going to indulge in the normal scheme whereby corporations give him a lot of money in exchange for tax breaks and monopolies. Here is a direct quote from the WSJ article:

“This time, we won’t look the other way on Coca-Cola’s $12 billion in back taxes owed. This time, when Major League Baseball lobbies [want] to preserve its multibillion-dollar antitrust exception, we’ll say no thank you. …

Too many of us live on the edge, and that has consequences.

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Money has been important throughout history. Its invention about 3000 years ago allowed humanity to evolve into a worldwide, modern society. Can you imagine how impractical it would be to barter for everything in this day and age?

“That will be 180 bushels of wheat for your iPhone 12. Just pull the 18 wheeler around back to the loading dock.”

For the last four decades neoliberal ideas about free and unfettered markets have leached into everyday society. These teachings have spawned a corporate oligarchy possessed of powerful propaganda machines and access to government control through campaign finance money. They have…

It’s all it can be and so much less.

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Based on our military budget [greater than the next 10 nations combined] other countries might suppose the only thing that makes sense for this, along with our 800 military outposts worldwide, is that the U.S. wants to take over the world. Can’t blame them. Any sane person looking in from outside the box of illogic that represents the United States would think the same thing. But it’s a little more complicated than that, and it involves lots of…you guessed it, money.

A peek under the hood of this crazy monster truck reveals a military-industrial organization run amuck. It is exactly…

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